Perioperative Nursing Canada

The RN that specializes in Perioperative Nursing practice functions in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative stages of patients’ surgical needs. Based on the skill and competence to practice, a registered nurse takes the perioperative practice at the first stage. As he starts developing more knowledge, he then progresses from the continuum to somewhat advanced level.

The initial description of nursing practice for perioperative in 1978 was given to AORN members during the 25th National AORN Congress. It stated: The RN that specializes in perioperative nursing practice does nursing jobs in the phases of preoperative, intraoperative till postoperative of patients’ surgery. Additionally, the Nursing Practice Committee of AORN got charged with the accountability of evaluating and modifying the main standards reflecting the new role of nurses. These are the principles that direct the nurses as they provide care for the patient all through the perioperative phase. However, the standards were amended in 1982, expanding its definition to the current content. The revision declared that perioperative nursing practice begins at the entry level based on clinical expertise that went on to an advanced level.

In today’s operating room, perioperative nursing is represented by multifaceted challenges. In this role, the nurse will gain opportunity to:

  • Get the patient and family ready and prepared for the surgical operation
  • Share and provide loving comfort to the patients and family members
  • Employ good nursing decisions like problem-solving approaches to reassure successful and effective surgical experience